Streaming has become a phenomenon in the internet world. You might wonder what is streaming? so any media material, whether live or recorded, that is disbursed to computers and mobile devices through the internet and played back in real-time is referred to as streaming. Popular examples of streaming material include films, TV dramas, live gaming sessions, live or recorded podcasts, live music performances, etc. Streaming has become the new way for many people around the world to converse with each other on different platforms. It is an easier way to have live access to talk to so many people simultaneously. Because of the popularity of so many streaming platforms, there are different resources, equipment, controllers, and setups required to do streaming compellingly.

Streamers usually share media content with their viewers live, some people do gaming live or multiple streamers play an online game together which is an entertainment content for the viewer. To make their streaming setup effective people use different controllers with icons that provide ease to the user as they act as shortcuts to access multiple functions directly from the controller without manually opening it. These controllers make use of several icon packs to indicate different applications.


There are majorly 3 different stream controllers which are popular in the streaming world and here is some information about them:

Elgato Stream Deck

stream deck icon

This Stream Deck has 6-32 LCD keys which are customizable for user convenience. It is a highly liked streaming deck or controller by people who stream content regularly. This deck gives you access to everything, including Netflix, social networking, media, Illustrator, your favorite websites, and more after being connected to your computer. It may be configured in a variety of ways and can perform any task. Setting up and configuring it is simple. The buttons are a bit bigger than the typical keyboard keys. They are quite adaptable.

With the Elgato program and Adobe PS, you may add domain icons, images, and even make your own. When they are turned on without making a sound, it feels mechanical. The Stream Deck is conveniently portable for individuals who commute. You can accomplish a lot more with this streaming deck than just stream, and record gaming streams. You can customize the icons available on this deck such as stream deck animated icons that can be downloaded from VIVRE-MOTION and used on your stream deck for better visuals. There is a stream deck icon pack available in which there are fully customizable stream deck icons, stream deck animated icons and steam deck wallpapers, etc



loupedeck icon

Loupedeck is quite useful for streamers as it comes with touch buttons along with other controls that can prove to be very effective in switching between apps and screens while streaming online. This is designated as a professional tool by Loupedeck that offers a first-rate swimming interface.

Loupedeck has a touchscreen interface system of virtual buttons that you can completely adapt to your streaming needs in addition to the dials and keys that are recognizable to those who have used the Loupedeck. It has a large library of custom profiles that it may use to add even more software to its already extensive list of program compatibility. This is a comprehensive selection of diverse applications, and since the Loupedeck can be customized, there are virtually endless opportunities to design your unique workstation.

This streaming controller also supports many icon packs to make it even more customizable and cool. VIVRE-MOTION also has this Loupedeck icon pack which has all Loupedeck icons for your favorite applications, on top of that they are fully customizable.


Razer Stream Controller

razer stream controller icon

With 12 haptic LCD touchscreen buttons as well as 3 tactile analog knobs one on each side of the screen, Razer's Stream Controller is predominantly intended for streaming content production. To switch among different layouts or execute instructions, there are 8 configurable keys at the bottom.

With customizable iconography and the option to change the haptic input you receive when hitting a touchscreen key, Razer's Stream Device's 12 primary switchblade keys may be configured to initiate instructions or routines. The analog knobs may be used to change the volume of your music, your microphone, and other audio sources. Swipe motions can be used to reach additional buttons. VIVRE-MOTION has a Razor stream controller icon pack which contains quite mesmerizing razor stream controller icons with moving backgrounds, matrix animated backgrounds, control center icons, Unicode symbols, etc.



VIVRE-MOTION designs icons using PNG and GIF formats because it helps them to create both static as well as moving icons that look much more intriguing to the user. VIVRE-MOTION has a variety of icon packs that are developed on these formats such as Windows 11 special icon pack, ULTIMATE ICON PACK and SMART HOME icon packs, etc. Vivre-motion creates icons based on their use and their relation to any application so that these icons have a meaning. 32 COLORS are included in each package so that the user can choose any color out of them to customize his icons. All of these icons can be used on Stream Deck, Razer Stream Controller, or Loupedeck to make your streaming experience much more colorful, exciting, and productive.



VIOLETT Icon-Studio for Windows is a very utilitarian software made by VIVRE-MOTION to make your stream deck icons. This software helps you design icons and with the help of GIFs moving icons can also be designed. This editor lets you make layers on an icon, and you can customize these layers by yourself and give background to any icon, you can add things like cool animation wallpapers to your icons. The user can use any type of moving background in the form of a GIF icon and add text on top of it or a PNG icon as a second layer on top of it, to make your icons. These PNGs can be your logos or symbols or any customization that you want to do to make personalized icons.



VIVRE-MOTION has a Windows 11 Special Icon Pack for you that will enable you to interact with Windows desktop icons, Microsoft icons, editing icons, pc icons, and PowerPoint icons in a whole new exciting way. More than 700 icons are available for the users that they can use and match with system icons, Office icons, or Windows 11 icons while streaming and multitasking.

These icons will enable you to enhance your visual appeal. This windows 11 special icon pack will help to enhance the readability, enhance the design, and helps to highlight the important features or contents that you use the most. This windows 11 special pack comes up with the quickest and shortest reference to GUI icons, media icons, and design icons and makes these icons more creative and artistic.

This Windows 11 Special Icon Pack enables you to blend and synchronize the controllers with the gaming icons. There is a huge variety of amazing and cool icons. You can change the boring audio icons and edit icons with fancy icons. These icons improve the overall appearance and experience of the application, especially while streaming, and the exciting part is that these icons enable the user to add their touch to the icons.

These icons also help the user to get an insight into the application during first and successive use. This windows 11 special pack includes different areas like communication, gaming, audio, media, design, etc. that can perfectly fit into your ambiance and mood.



The SMART HOME icon pack made by VIVRE-MOTION empowers the user to change the smart home icons, smart deck icons, and media icons as per their aspiration and preferences. The smart home special pack enables the user to customize the icons, this gives them the freedom to the user to change their weather, panel, and energy icons and make them more appealing and presentable.

This special pack of icons completely changes the look of icons and makes them look as you want. Are you exhausted or annoyed and want to change your icons, then here is a smart home special pack that will enable the users to change the device icons, light icons, and security icons at their convenience and make them more appealing and exciting.

There is a wide variety of SMART HOME icons that the user can use as per their desire and helps the user to get a deeper insight into the application since these icons are very catchy so they can grasp the attention of the users. This improves the impression, facade, and experience of the users and improves the overall encounter of the application.

Every package of the SMART HOME icon packs contains a very wide variety of icons that users can use to create a reference to touch panel icons, control center icons, toggle icons, and home automation icons. These smart home special packs improve the overall experience of the users, makes it more convenient for the user, and make it look more appealing since it enables to set the icons as per the convenience, so it makes it quick and fast too for the user.



This is another astonishing software developed by us at VIVRE-MOTION because it is greatly needed at this time. The IP-Camera APP allows the user to directly map their live footage from security on their streaming deck and monitor their home surveillance camera anywhere they want. This makes the whole monitoring so convenient because you can just connect your IP camera to your smart home setup on the controller and once you map it on any customizable button it will show up as a video stream or camera stream showing your HTTP camera surveillance.

The video shown on the Loupedeck or Stream Deck button is streamed using RTSP which is the protocol and MJPG helps it to stream on the deck. This app solves a lot of security problems for many households because monitoring through a static screen throughout the day is not practical so this application gives the ability to simplify the monitoring through surveillance for any household.



For all those who are tired or bored of their conventional cooler icons, All-in-one liquid CPU cooler icons enable you to make your icons look cooler and more exciting. These all-in-one liquid cooler icons enable the users to bring movement. These icons are designed in a loop. If the user needs a better way or an exciting way to display fancy, flashing, and popping things, these icons are perfect for them.

The idea of fancy, conclusive and incontestable icons is very appealing and gives a very wholesome experience to the users of AIO liquid CPU cooler icons. The package has several many options from which the user can choose exciting icons. This package includes a CPU cooler gif, aio video icon, aio display, aio animation, and water cooler animation.

These icons are exciting and amazing. It is something different from the conventional icons, and why don’t add some fancy icons and make the overall experience better. The users can set the icons as per their choices and convenience and it becomes easier for the users to find the icon, as these animated icons grasp the attention of the user very quickly and those who do not wants to give their icons a more customized look and make them feel like theirs. It enables you to add your touch to the icon and make them more exciting.