Beginner Guide to Animation in After Guide VIVRE-MOTION

Beginner Guide to Animation in After Guide

Making art is one of life's most exciting and wonderful experiences. If only you could make your still photographs move, or perhaps bring to life a beloved unique character in your own short film clips, that would be fantastic. Animation can help with this. Even if you're familiar with drawing with a pencil or painting with a paintbrush, learning how to animation might be challenging. A newbie may create animated graphics like cartoons or GIFs using the correct tools, even if he or she has no previous experience in this field.

In this blog post, I will teach you the way to make an animation from photos, how to make animated pictures, and how to make a gif on canvas.

How to Make Animated pictures?

There are various tools to make animated pictures:


In order to have greater control over your animated photographs, we suggest using FilmoraPro.

With a single click, you can create an animated picture with cartoon effects. To begin producing animations, you must first import your picture. Your animated snapshot will soar to new heights with the help of color correction and an audio mixer. It's free to download and give it a try!

Animated Me

Animate me, an app available only to iPhone users is the first animation image-maker. In other words, this software can only be used on iOS devices.

You may make amusing movies, e-Cards, or animate any sort of graphic. You may add any face you like to the e-Cards to spice them up and make them more interesting. You can use this program to create animated versions of yourself, your pets, or anybody else you like.

If you want to make other people laugh by producing hilarious GIFs, this is the app for you.

Features of Animated me

  1. More than 100 new e-Cards are added to the app each week, and new cards are being added all the time.
  2. You may make your characters speak by giving them a variety of noises to choose from.


Android and iPhone users may use Loopsie to create animated images. This is one of the greatest mobile phone applications for taking and editing photos and videos.

Loopsie is a free service that combines images and video clips into one.


  1. It's simple to use, and the output resolutions are all socially acceptable.
  2. If you'd rather share directly on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, you may.


Android users may utilize Picstun, which is an image animation producer. You may use this to create stunning animated video effects by applying them to a photograph. Using this program, you can add a unique touch to every photograph.


  1. This program has a variety of animated video effects that may be applied to a picture and animated.
  2. Before saving, you have the option to preview your document. In addition, you may store it on your SD card with no problem.

We hope your question, "how to make animated pictures," has been answered. We did not come up with a single answer to this query. FilmoraPro is one of the greatest GIF producers that can be used on a variety of platforms. Due to the animated picture producers, you may quickly get what you want. So, have fun animating and generating GIFs that are both amusing and practical.

How to Make a GIF in Canva?

Online GIF creator and video editing software Canva offers everything you need to create simple or more complicated animated GIFs.

Step 1: Picking Your GIF goal

Think about why you're making a GIF before you get started. Is this a business trip? For who are you making it? Is it only for the purpose of establishing your own brand?

Consider your animation after deciding on an objective.

GIFs don't have to be complicated, but you should know what you're getting yourself into before you get started. It's also possible to modify the color scheme or the colors of individual items or characters.

Step 2: Select a significant design feature.

Consider the look and feel of your GIF once you've determined its purpose and the means through which it will be delivered.

If you want to use a picture as the basis of your design, you can either pick one from our collection or import it from your computer by dragging it into the download area. External storage devices like Google Drive and Dropbox may also be used to import photos and other files.

Step 3: Choose how many slides you want.

The complexity of the GIF design depends on the number of slides you use. So, the more slides you utilize, the more items you'll have to animate or move, which might be difficult at the beginning if this is your first project. Adding additional slides is always an option, so don't be afraid to start small if you're not sure where to go next.

Step 4: Customize your GIF design

On the first slide, express your artistic side by creating a graphic that represents you.

In the beginning, start by using only one or two of these items, such as stickers and images from our collection.

Step 5: Animate or add effects for magic.

Select an element and click "Animate" to add motion. Add animations to your design to produce separate motions for each page, text, or feature. Fade, pan, or slide - it's up to you. If you have numerous slides, you may need to animate each.

Step 6: Download, preview, and share.

Your GIF should be ready to download and share, but first, verify the preview by pressing the play button next to the download option.

This beginner guide from vivremotion has illustrated how to make animated pictures, and how to make a GIF on canvas. You can review and read more about the site by one tab here.