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Streaming is not new, but it’s recently exploded in popularity, and there’s no end in sight. These broadcasts may have started as a simple video out from someone’s desk, but now there are several tools such as macro pads and production consoles that streamers use to boost quality and make their job much easier.

So What is Streaming?

Streaming involves transmitting and receiving media over a computer network, and it applies to both audio and visual material as well as live and pre-recorded broadcasts. When we think of streaming, our mind usually jumps straight to streaming platforms for movies, but individual streamers are coming out of the woodwork to create unique content and accumulate fanbases.

we talk about streaming, we refer to these people. They’re sitting down in front of the camera, doing what they love, and connecting with others. While livestreaming video games is a common example of this, other top streaming categories include:

  • Sitting and chatting (or live podcast recording)
  • Cooking or eating food
  • Playing music
  • Art development
  • Travel vlogs

With live streaming sites such as Twitch, it’s easy to find people who love the same things as you and engage with them. You can pair up with other creators or simply sit down, start your stream, and chat with your fanbase.

This creates an authentic environment where people can engage, learn about your passions and personality, and buy into your brand.

How Streaming Gear Helps with Success

Whether they are going live or recording to air at a later time, streamers rely on specific tools and software to help them create high-quality content and make their job much easier.

You have basic gear that you need for streaming (such as your computer, microphone, camera, and video editing or streaming software) and then complementary tools that are well worth the investment.

Macro pads, also known as stream decks, and mixers are a great example of something simple that makes a world of difference. While you can accomplish something similar with your keyboard or computer software, these are much more customizable and allow you to do so much more.

With the push of a button, a streamer can kick off events that adjust their settings, change their screens, or even interact with their audience. This is simpler than sifting through a program on your own, and the response appears effortless in comparison.

These controllers prioritize desk space as well as function, and you can use Icons to make it easier to identify your shortcuts and give your pad a more pleasing appearance. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also create your own icons to match your aesthetic perfectly.

What Stream Gear Do You Need?

Streaming gear is a massive industry, and there are several things to know before you invest in any products. Not all macro pads or mixers are built the same, and different products better suit different situations.

At VIVRE-MOTION, our goal is to provide you with plenty of options and the details you need so you can make an informed decision. We prioritize high-quality tools with fantastic reputations and explain what they offer, what they work best for, and who benefits the most.

Streaming Devices Overview

Check out our current recommendations below


  • Elgato Stream Deck +

    Stream Deck + © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)
    Stream Deck + © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)

    The Stream Deck + is the production tool that every creative can get on board with. Explore the benefits of its intuitive software and get incredible powers to interact with your setup.

    Show Elgato Stream Deck +

  • MOUNTAIN DisplayPad

    MOUNTAIN DisplayPad © 360 Service Agency GmbH
    MOUNTAIN DisplayPad © 360 Service Agency GmbH

    MOUNTAIN DisplayPad is the high-end expansion of your gaming, streaming, and content creation setup with 12 freely customizable color Display Keys.

    Show MOUNTAIN DisplayPad

  • Loupedeck Live / Razer Stream Controller

    Loupedeck Live © Loupedeck Ltd.
    Loupedeck Live © Loupedeck Ltd.

    The Loupedeck Live has a unique mix of keypads and dial knobs for complete control in your setup. Learn how these features make a difference in your daily tasks.

    Show Loupedeck Live

  • Loupedeck CT

    Loupedeck CT © Loupedeck Ltd.
    Loupedeck CT © Loupedeck Ltd.

    Looking for the most versatile macro pad for your streaming or design setup? Discover what the Loupedeck CT has to offer.

    Show Loupedeck CT

  • Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

    Stream Deck MK.2 © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)
    Stream Deck MK.2 © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)

    Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 is a powerful macro pad for any desk. Discover what makes it so special and what it is best used for.

    Show Stream Deck MK.2

  • Elgato Stream Deck XL

    Stream Deck XL © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)
    Stream Deck XL © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)

    The Elgato Stream Deck XL is unmatched in both size and performance. Discover how you can streamline your creative control with this next-level device.

    Show Stream Deck XL

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