Elgato Stream Deck + Review

Stream Deck + © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)

Elgato Stream Deck +


The Elgato Stream Deck + is the newest addition in a line of great products, and it upholds this tradition. The peripheral company found the perfect blend of what already works well and what consumers wanted the most to create a new design well worth the investment.

The Stream Deck + carries the clean design and functionality of the Stream Deck line, but has a few new features and native integrations that make it a more professional tool.

Technical Specifications

Display-Keys [8]Number of LCD Display Keys

Standard KeysNumber of Standard (non-Display) Keys

360° Dials Stacks [4]360° Turn Knob

Touch-DisplayIntegrated Touch Screen Interface

VibrationActive Force Feedback

Multi-/Page LayerMulti-Layer /Page Support

Cross-ConnectDevices can work with each other

MarketplaceIntegrated Plugins & Icon Software Marketplace

120x120 PixelPixel per Button

GIF ImagesSupports Animated GIF Images

USB 2.0USB 2.0 Support

USB 3.0USB 3.0 Support

WindowsCompatible with Windows

Apple MacCompatible with Apple Mac

WhiteAvailable Case Color White

BlackAvailable Case Color Black

Key Features

The Elgato Stream Deck + has a sleek matte black plastic case that sets a solid foundation for all of its tools. The real functionality is in its:

  • 8 LCD keys
  • Touchscreen bar
  • 4 tactile metal dials

If you’re already familiar with the Elgato Stream Deck line, a lot of these features look the same, but the addition of the dials is a major step in a new direction for the brand.

Advantages of the Stream Deck +

The Stream Deck + is everything you expect from a macro pad and so much more. While some streamers are only now discovering the magic of kicking off multi-actions with a single key press, the Stream Deck + adds new controls for an extra level of functionality.

Elgato’s included software and a wide array of native integrations solidify the brand’s esteem, and the Stream Deck + is a fine example of how well everything works. What may appear as a bare-bones desk tool is actually a fully customizable production interface.

There’s no limit to what you can do with the Stream Deck +, and the endless storage, profiles, folders, and intuitive design ensure you have everything you need right at your hands.

Stream Deck Software and Native Integrations

If you’ve ever attempted to reprogram your unused keys or make your own macro pad, you understand how difficult and tedious a task this is. In the best cases, you end up with a small number of functional keys and left wanting more.

The software included with the Stream Deck + makes programming the keys, touchscreen bar, and rotary encoders a breeze. For most situations, simply drag and drop your desired actions on the keys and dials.

Elgato focuses on providing native integrations with the applications you’re most likely to use. This means that programs such as Twitch, OBS, and Discord will pair seamlessly with your device on setup.

In the end, there is less work on your side to get your Stream Deck + up and running in the most efficient way possible.

Simple Design and Beautiful Customization

While not everyone is crazy about a plain black design, this actually allows for greater customization on your part. Every screen on the Stream Deck + is customizable, meaning you get to choose what icons you use and how things appear on your desk.

The plain black design sets a great foundation for simple Color Flows, but it won't clash if you opt for more Animated GIFs on your keys.

This also ensures that more functional buttons, such as this live footage IP CCTV Camera plugin, won’t lose their value and get washed out by a busy design.

Diverse Control Options

The Stream Deck + makes sure you can control anything in your environment with the perfect type of control.

Tap any one of the 8 LCD keys to launch a shortcut or trigger a specific action. This is an easy way to do things like mute your microphone, launch apps or scenes, apply effects, or even control your own Smart Home devices such as Philips Hue Bridge.

The dials definitely steal the show. These are a long-requested feature by creatives in all fields that work perfectly for precise adjustments. Make quick changes to your audio levels or camera zoom, or assign different sliders to the dials for fine-tuning.

The Stream Deck + is a great example of how intuitive controls make a world of difference.

Infinite Storage

The Stream Deck + holds up to 10 pages of console layouts that you can swipe through, ensuring you have more than enough room to store all your shortcuts. On top of this, you can use folders in your Stream Deck system to organize Files, programs, and multi-functions and ensure everything is easy to find.

Even the encoders let you stash different tools in dedicated dial stacks, and you simply push to cycle through them and access what you need.

Elgato’s smart profiles kick off as you switch between different programs, helping you stay on top of your workflow and eliminating the need to dig through your content.

Best Uses for the Stream Deck +

The Stream Deck + is a truly professional tool that streamlines your creative processes. While live streaming is the most obvious use for any Elgato product, the Stream Deck + benefits creators in every industry.

Those who rely on fine adjustments benefit the most from the addition of the dials on the Stream Deck +. Whether you work with audio or visual media, the Stream Deck + can cut your production time significantly.

Live Streaming

Live streamers have a lot to worry about at once. While the Stream Deck + doesn’t take away these worries, it allows you to monitor things and make adjustments with greater ease. Quickly launch all needed devices with the Wake on LAN plugin, then get right down to business.

Just one press can launch your countdown, welcome your chat, unmute your mic, and send you right into your streaming session. Thanks to the Wave Link software, you can separate and adjust audio from different applications (such as your game and your mic) for balanced audio while you stream.

Regardless of whether you use OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or Twitch’s native streaming tool, the Stream Deck + pairs seamlessly with your setup. Drop in on your Discord with a tap of a button, and keep your audience engaged without breaking your concentration.

Easy integration with tools like Nvidia ShadowPlay ensures you have plenty of content to take to other platforms, and the Stream Deck + offers further assistance for video editing or creating new graphics for your socials.

Photo and Video Editing

Photo and video editing gifts you with a constant stream of new material to work with, but it comes at a price. Many times, you find yourself running through the same processes or squinting at the screen while you try to get the slider in the perfect spot.

The Stream Deck + is a better way to bear the weight of these tasks. Bind your most-used processes to the keys and assign your sliders to the dials for more natural editing and adjustments.

The Stream Deck + works perfectly with tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Music Production

The knobs are a game-changer for music production as well, and Elgato’s emphasis on DAW-friendly profiles proves the Stream Deck + as a musician’s best friend. Easily navigate different aspects of your tracks and load effects and VSTs with a touch of a button.

Regardless of where you exist in the industry, the Stream Deck + offers the best combination of single-press additions and dialed adjustments. Save yourself from spending hours clicking back and forth and leave more brain power for cultivating unique sounds.

Stream Deck + © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)
Stream Deck + © Corsair GmbH (Elgato)


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