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MATRIX DISPLAY for Windows | Stream Deck Plugin

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Matrix Screen Setup

Matrix-Display will make your Multi-Monitor life much easier! Arrange and Move Windows by Percentage or Pixel-Based. Make your desktop your Cockpit, arranging Windows-Apps has never been easier.

The Plugin enables active Windows to be distributed to all available Monitors (Screen-Setup) based on the window title and Processname with the position percentage.

Any number of matrix grid arrangements can be implemented via multi-actions and are always compatible with any monitor due to the percentage definition. The Expand option further refines the margin per window to allow for seamless positioning.

Multiple desktop setups can be created using the Stream Deck Multi-Action option, predefined grids and layouts allow for a variety of zones on all connected monitors.

The Windows Process Viewer Assistent helps you to determine the appropriate title caption. STREAM DECK ICONS

Geared for power users, Trading Dashboards, Window splitting, Workflow optimization, and much more.

The Windows Detection option allows you to filter out small windows such as splash screens or unwanted program menus. The simulated window helps you to determine the right size.

Core Features

  • Determine Active Window
  • Determine Specific any Window
  • Retries Wait Polling Counter
  • Monitor ID Detection
  • Window Process Title Helper
  • Border Spacing
  • Layout Presets Portfolio
  • Realtime Icon Preview
  • Dynamic Icon Color
  • Splash-Screen Exclude Filter
  • Simulation Window Helper
  • Confirm Audio Sound
  • Spotlight Mark/Highlight Window

Search *Like* Pattern

With the *Like* search pattern syntax (Case Non Sensitive), the determination of the window title can be easily implemented. Simply start the Process Title Helper Assistant and write a sub-string from the caption that always occurs into the plugin, e.g. *chrome*

? Any single character* Asterix Zero or more characters # Any single digit (0–9) [charlist] Any single character in [!charlist] Any single character not in

Code Signed

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Please add option to now show the "not found" error.

--- Edit Nov 3rd 2023 ---
I send them a feedback report, and they then contacted me by mail and added this functionality after my review. The product is now the best alternative in the Elgato store for this functionality in my eyes.

--- Original message ---

Windows-Title [Discord*] was not found!

I am VERY uninterested in this error, as I want to create a multi action to move 6-8 windows across two monitors at the same time, and I really dont need all of the windows active and running at the same time ALL the time. Leaving a gap where that window was supposed to be is totally fine. I dont want to close several annoying pop ups all over my screen every time I activate a layout.

This is the only thing that is absolutely ruining this plugin for me at the moment, and I have to use another similar plugin instead which is much more annoying to set up than yours are. Please add a "suppress not found warning" checkbox, and this plugin will be usable for me <3

Screen Info Issue

It works really great but the screen info does not align with the windows, and it seams like every time I restart my computer the screen number that assign to each display is different. So I have to reset the macro

Really cool but...

The widget works perfectly anf it's intuitive but...
If i select "specific any window", i have an error message... (imput error)
(i know we need to use " " ")