Stream Deck, Loupedeck and Razer Stream Controller Animated Icon Editor and Composing Studio

  • violett.exe gui violett.exe gui violett.exe gui
  • Combine Animated GIF with Alpha PNG Image
    Supports 32 Bit PNG and TIFF Overlay Image with Alpha Channel
    Create your own individual Keys with your Logos or Symbols
    Generate perfect 72x72 pixel 2 layer icons

    *SVG and TXT Layer only supported by Pro Version

Get VIOLETT Composing Key-Maker Editor Free Version for Windows

Get VIOLETT Composing Key-Maker Editor Free Version for Windows

Download Free Version

The VIOLETT Icon Editor allows you to create brand new 72px button icons. Use your current animated GIF icons and simply put another symbol on top, e.g. a program icon. The final composing merges both images into an animated GIF.

Download Free Version


Upgrade to Professional Version

The new professional version allows 2 more Levels to be rendered. TXT Text level with all Windows installed Fonts, Soft-Shaddow, Pixel-Perfect Position, and Unicode support. As well as freely scalable SVG vector graphics with 18 Colors. You can also define the export resolution yourself in the Pro version. Included. predefined profiles for Streamdeck, Mountain DisplayPad, Loupedeck and individually from 32-512px.

  • Add some individual Text with your Custom System Font and full Emoji Support
    Add SVG vector graphics and change Color
    Setting the export resolution for Streamdeck 72px, Loupedeck/Razer Stream Controller 80px and individually from 32-512px

    Get Pro Version
  • violett.exe gui


The GIF graphic format supports maximum 256 colors, including one transparency color. A partial transparency (alpha channel) as with PNG is not possible with GIF. Therefore the background color at the edges will not have a soft anti-aliasing effect. Wikipedia Graphics Interchange Format GIF

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    First you add a GIF image, the image is then stretched 1:1 into the square box and rendered exactly as it is

  • #2

    A PNG, TIF, TXT or JPG image comes on top, this is proportionally re-rendered

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    Currently, only the overlay image can be set in terms of size, rotation and transparency. (for information PNG and TIF files can contain an alpha channel)