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VIOLETT Icon Studio Pro for Windows | Stream Deck Icons

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Stream Deck Icons

Professional Windows Version allows 2 more Levels from the free Version to be rendered

 Download Free Version The GIF graphic format supports maximum 256 colors, including one transparency color. A partial transparency (alpha channel) as with PNG is not possible with GIF. Therefore the background color at the edges will not have a soft anti-aliasing effect. Wikipedia Graphics Interchange Format GIF

Release Notes
- Disable Active permanent Internet Connection
- Different export resolutions for Streamdeck, Loupedeck and Individual 32-512px - ugfix GIF crispy artefacts
- Bugfix GIF Resizing
- Background Color Layer -implemented - SVG Color Select -optimized
- SVG Color Select -implemented
- SVG Layer Support -implemented - Text Layer Support -implemented
- Initial Release

Code Signed