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Why Should You Use GIF Animated Icons?

One of the various approaches that may be used in today's current digital world to transmit a company's branding or personality is via the utilization of GIF icons. Icons not only aid in the representation of a brand name but they can also be used to communicate certain phrases or messages or provide unique services. An icon is something that can quickly be recalled because of the use of simple designs and visuals. Icons may also act as a communication tool rather than long essays or topics.

Apps, websites, and other information design initiatives rely heavily on icons. User interfaces may benefit from visual cues that assist convey information and encourage a sense of flow. Because they've been used in so many various browsers, operating systems, and GUIs throughout the years, animated symbols represent decades of web development advancement.

In this article, we will discuss why we Use GIF animated icons. What are the importance and benefits of using animated icons?

Helps in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the game of small margins. The success or failure of a company may sometimes be determined by a single percentage point change in its conversion rate. Adding motion to otherwise static websites may provide businesses with a competitive advantage and increase conversion rates significantly, allowing them to either become profitable or maintain their current level of profitability.

While GIF animated Icons are most often used by web designers to increase user engagement and decrease page bounce rates, they may also be used to guide consumers through the various stages of a sales funnel.

GIF icons, like scroll-down arrows, may be used to attract readers' attention to areas of a webpage that produce money or demand their attention. Motion is another technique that may be utilized to draw attention and elicit a call to action. A "Buy Now" or "Subscribe" button, for instance, will get more attention if it is animated as opposed to if the button were to be static.

Increase Customer Engagement

A recent trend among businesses, including the ones that were just described, has been the use of GIF animated icons as a method for increasing customer engagement. One excellent illustration of this is animated icons. The meditation and mindfulness app has now become the most popular option in its category, having amassed more than 65 million downloads overall and boasting a total of 2 million active members. Headspace is one of the most successful companies in the world, and one of the key reasons for this is that they made meditation more accessible with their straightforward design and endearing animations.

Small File Size

When compared to other file formats, GIF icons often have a reduced file size, which is one of the most significant benefits of utilizing this file type. In addition, this may be useful while loading photographs online since it will allow the images to load more quickly without sacrificing the quality of the images.


GIF Animated Icons can allow translucent backgrounds in addition to having a short file size when compared to other forms of image files. A website that has animation across a variety of backgrounds will have an appearance that is more polished as a result of this, which is another benefit.

Convey Message Better

One further advantage of GIF icons is that they may convey any message in a lot clearer and more concise manner than they normally do. It has the ability to convey emotion and feelings in a way that a static picture just cannot achieve. In addition to this, this may be ideal when it comes to creating instructive animations that may improve the whole experience. Be mindful that younger audiences are readily entertained by animations, which means that it has the potential to truly motivate them to pay attention to the details.

No Additional Software require to View

In order to watch the majority of the flash animations, you will need to have certain software or plug-ins installed on your computer. On the other hand, since GIF icons are simply viewed like regular photos, it is not necessary to need any special program in order to see them. They are viewable on whatever device you want.

Boost Conversion Rate

Customers are not only constantly interested in what you have to offer via the use of animations, but they are also inspired to actually make purchases, which helps your company maximize its revenues. According to the findings of certain studies, the addition of an animated movie to the landing page of your website may raise the percentage of visitors who make a purchase by an astounding 80 percent.

No matter how serious or humorous your product is, it is possible to promote it using an animated movie. This holds true regardless of whether you are attempting to sell apparel or books.

Other Advantages of Animated Icons

The other advantages of the GIF Animated Icons are:

GIF icons provide you the ability to establish a brand that is easily recognizable while also simplifying its implementation on your website and mobile app. Users will have an easier time locating the goods they are attempting to market as a result of this.

One further advantage of using an animated emblem is that it gives you the opportunity to exhibit your creative side. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you are working on a website that has a large variety of pages and you need to add some new ones.

In conclusion, GIF animated icons are one of the best investments you can make to boost user engagement, regardless of your company. Make sure your viewers are fully engaged while viewing your videos, and let them know that they can expect to learn even more by participating in future conversations on the subject.

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