Why You Need Microsoft Flight Simulator Icons


Microsoft Flight Simulator goes above and beyond to provide a realistic and expansive experience, and setting up a Stream Deck or other macro pad as a flight controller reaches for that professional look and feel. Reach heights that no flight sim hardware ever could with a fantastic control pad and icon pack combination.

With the right set up, you really transform your gaming or desk space into a cockpit. You’re the one in control, and everything is just a single click away. Easily check different camera views, slew modes, fuel options, radio switches, and more with just one button press.

Mapping these functions to your Loupedeck, Elgato Stream Deck, or other controller is only half of the battle. You need clear, well-crafted, and beautiful icons to help you keep track of everything on your deck, or you can easily lose track of those priceless shortcuts.

The VIVRE MOTION Flight Simulator icon pack has over 600 icons to match pretty much any function you desire to fly any aircraft, from Airbuses to Zlins and everything in between. Organize pages to meet your exact needs with easily identified shortcuts for your lights, drone controls, air traffic control, battery, avionics, mags, and more.

Even those just starting out benefit from icons that help them with autopilot, analog gauge monitoring, and controlling sim speed. This pack is perfect for anyone at any stage in their piloting journey, and it will only improve your flight sim experience.

When paired with the expansive icon pack, you can turn a single device into a full-fledged flight control system. Fully immerse yourself in your Top Gun F/A-18E Super Hornet, or cruise the skies in a Daher TBM 930 without worrying about shortcuts that pull you from the experience.

Instead, map all your functions to your controller keys, drop icons in colors that match your visual scheme, and enjoy a more intuitive flight sim experience.

Easily configure your Stream Deck or other control pad pages to match air crafts and functions that you use regularly. These icons simplify your flying experience so you can spend more time getting to your destination and less time stressing over shortcuts or trying to find out what is on, what is off, and how you’re going to enter your next stage of piloting.

Customize Your Cockpit

There’s no need for new flight sim hardware, and these Flight Simulator icons make everything look much cooler and match your personal style. Use a macro pad that you already own, or pick one up and discover the world of difference it makes in all areas of your life (we have icons for those too).

The Microsoft Flight Simulator icon pack keeps everything right at your fingertips, including your autopilot panel, navigation features, toggles, and gauges. Checking ON/OFF states with a single glance has never been easier, and you have complete control over every flight you pilot.

This is exactly what you need to submerge yourself in the fantastic, realistic world created by the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Instead of filling your head with combined key combinations, you can focus on the true art of the game and honing your skills to become the pilot you wish to be.

Nothing beats the stunning, crisp imagery, or bright, customized color options in this pack. Find the icons you need for the tools you use the most, match them to the color scheme you desire, and create a flight panel that complements your mood and style.

VIVRE-MOTION’s expansive Flight Simulator icon pack is unparalleled in both coolness and function. Use it just once and you won’t know what you ever did without it.