Why You Need Smart Home Control Icons

power plug SMART HOME icon

Long gone is the day of rudimentary appliance control technology like clunky thermostats or light switches. We’re moving full speed ahead to a more cohesive and intuitively controlled home, and universal icons are a major part of the visual appeal of these units.

Whether you use a Stream Deck for your devices or a dedicated smart home controller, it’s easy to fall into the pitfall of default icons. These may look fine on their own, but they do little to help you identify individual controls and match the style you desire in your home.

Our Smart Home Control Icons not only match existing RGB lights in your home, but they create an overarching style for all appliance controls such as air conditioning, energy sockets, robot vacuums and mowing machines, refrigerators, coffeemakers, microwaves, televisions, and more.

Easily identify communication with other smart devices, such as smartphones, iPads and other tablets, computers, or voice-activated home assistants. With over 300 icons in countless categories, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Stream Deck and Loupedeck users can take home security a step further with our CCTV IP Camera Viewer. This Free plugin app allows you to view a livestream from your Smart Home Camera, and you can add as many live images as you need.

When you combine these features with advanced controls for your garage doors, windows (including curtains and blinds), house doors, door handles, skylights, elevators, and more, you create the ultimate control center for your smart home.

Control Your Home with Style and Ease

smart house SMART HOME icon

Setting up your smart home is only half of the battle; to get the most use out of everything, you should have a dedicated control center that easily identifies every area.

The smart home icon pack ensures you have beautiful icons for every IoT device in your home, and you don’t have to worry about having an ugly control center on display. With 32 calibrated color icons, you can adjust the icons to match different color schemes and holidays in your home.

This is truly a one-size-fits all smart home icon pack to suit every style, room, and occasion. While other icon packs forget about certain appliances or focus on specific colors, VIVRE-MOTION icons strive to cover as much ground as possible. From controlling something as large as your cinema room to something as small as a lava lamp, we have you covered.

Once you complete your unit with our IP Camera Plugin, you can sit back and enjoy a truly beautiful and comprehensive smart control center in your own home.

Within minutes, the Smart Home Icon Pack will have your control device looking clean and tailored to match the rest of your home.