SMART HOME Control Icons

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SMART HOME setup has become very voguish for many households globally because of its functionality and innovative technology that has revolutionized the way people live in their homes. The controller and its visual representation are a very important part of any SMART HOME system. Controllers help you access all of your devices, and it acts as a bridge between your commands and devices. You can seamlessly connect as well as operate surveillance, air conditioning, lights, multimedia, as well as other home appliances.

Controllers like Elgato Stream Deck, Loupedeck, and Razer Stream Controller have become very popular in giving the user the freedom to customize their SMART HOME icons and settings for your SMART HOME system. To make your house smarter and safer, select from these innovative and utilitarian controllers to control all of your appliances and in-house systems. With just one device, you can manage anything from lowering the apartment's temperature to setting your surveillance camera, making these intelligent controllers the height of comfort. To communicate with your SMART HOME controller, you could use your smartphone, Ipad, desktop, or frequently your voice.

To make these controllers even easier to use and smart, you should use VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icon pack. This icon pack has more than 300 icons for each category of SMART HOME applications. Ranging from coffee machine icon, engine icon, fan heater icon, fridge modern icon, fridge vintage icon, lift panel icon, microwave icon, and even much more. Using these SMART HOME icons on your controller will make everything look seamlessly easier to understand and communicate with as this icon pack has icons for almost every appliance and system in your home. It looks cool and it is completely customizable, so it gives you the option of making your SMART HOME look as per your desire to match the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your home.

Smart House

smart house SMART HOME icon

VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icon pack can especially go along well with streamers and gamers because using these SMART HOME icons on your controller, you can set up pretty cool RGB lights for your room. Apart from that during streaming or gaming, you will be able to control all of your home appliances on the controller at your desk whether it's adjusting the temperature, turning on the webcam, switching cameras, or adjusting your ventilation system because this icon pack has icons for everything whether its ventilator small icon, bathtub icon, water boiler icon, washing machine icon, and furniture icon, etc. These all controls will be at the tip of your hand as icons on a touch screen panel of your controller while you are streaming or gaming.

These controllers and their customization options enable the user to create a personalized RGB lighting atmosphere which is quite something that all the streamers and gamers are looking after these days. It was never possible to do something like that before but the level of configurable options provided by all of the three decks along with our hundreds of icons in the SMART HOME icons pack can work surprisingly well together to create a never imagined before RGB lighting atmosphere. Using the controllers like stream deck, Loupedeck, and Razor to set up your RGB lighting can enable you to access millions of colors with your fingers because you can make a color yourself that matches your mood or compliments the vibe of any event.

Colour calibrated icons and customized visual representation on your controller can always add to the RGB lighting setup in your SMART HOME because you can customize your colors for each icon and as well as customize their whole look and feel which is valuable to many people. Apart from that these icons are available up to a resolution of 512 pixels which is quite surprising in a good way because this shows that the quality of these icons is top-notch. Due to high pixel density, they will not look pixelated or blurry despite the color adjustments and customizations.

One of the most highlighting and refreshing features of VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icons is that it comes with 32 calibrated icon colors. These 32-color customizations on SMART HOME icons are available across all three controllers so no matter if you have a stream deck or Loupedeck or Razor, the user will be able to access 32-color options on all of them. This feature can help you a lot if you have a color scheme for your home and you want to customize your SMART HOME icons as per the actual color of your appliances. Since VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icon pack has 32 colors so you can easily find the best color suited for your icon that meets your requirements and provides you the look that you are aiming for. For Example, if your fridge is yellow or your CPU is blue or your kitchen table is brown then you can select the fridge modern icon and make its color yellow or select the CPU modern icon then make its color blue, or select the kitchen table icon and make it brown to match your visual representation of anything in your house with its actual look and color.

One of the many good things about VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icons is that you can find an icon for anything, even for things that many other icon designers or icon packs ignore, so this is an added effort by icon makers or designers at VIVRE-MOTION’s that they did cater to many small scale home appliances such as cassette icon, cinema beamer icon, cinema movie roll icon, cinema play icon, clock icon, drone icon, DSLR camera icon, DVD icon, headphone in-ear icon, HiFi system icon, garage icon or even light lava lamp icon. This shows that this icon pack has got everything covered for you, as you do not need to worry about any icon of your home appliance being missed or ignored in this icon pack.

If you are looking to set up a SMART HOME using any of the controllers then you must try VIVRE-MOTION’s SMART HOME icons as they are the best and most customizable icons available out there.