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icon, calculator equal to icon, calculator multiply icon, calculator negate icon, calculator percentage icon, calculator squareroot icon, calculator subtract icon, calculator icon, calendar day icon, calendar mirrored icon, calendar reply icon, calendar week icon, calendar icon, call control icon, call forward roaming icon, call forwarding mirrored icon, call forwarding icon, calligraphy pen icon, camera icon, caption icon, car icon, cash drawer icon, cc icon, cell phone icon, certificate icon, character appearance icon, characters icon, chat bubbles icon, check list icon, checkbox composite icon, checkbox indeterminate combo icon, checkbox icon, checklist mirrored icon, chinese punctuation icon, chip card credit card reader icon, chrome annotate icon, chrome restore icon, chrome switch icon, cht language bar icon, clear all ink mirrored icon, clear all ink icon, clear selection mirrored icon, clear selection icon, click icon, clipboard list mirrored icon, clipping tool icon, close pane mirrored icon, close pane icon, closed captions international icon, cloud printer icon, cloud search icon, cloud icon, code icon, collapse content icon, collate landscape separated icon, collate landscape icon, collate portrait separated icon, collate portrait icon, color icon, command prompt icon, comment icon, communications icon, companion app icon, companion device framework icon, completed icon, component icon, compose mode icon, connect app icon, connect icon, connected icon, construction cone icon, construction icon, contact 2 icon, contact info mirrored icon, contact info icon, contact icon, copy to icon, copy icon, courthouse icon, crop icon, ctrl spatial left icon, ctrl spatial right icon, cut icon, data sense icon, date time icon, decline call icon, default apn icon, defender badge icon, delete icon, delivery optimization icon, design icon, detachable p c icon, dev update icon, developer tools icon, device laptop no pic icon, device laptop pic icon, device monitor left pic icon, device monitor no pic icon, device monitor right pic icon, devices 2 icon, devices 3 icon, devices 4 icon, devices icon, diagnostic icon, dial shape 1 icon, dial shape 2 icon, dial shape 3 icon, dial shape 4 icon, dial up icon, dialpad icon, dictionary add icon, dictionary icon, direct access icon, directions icon, disconnect display icon, disconnect drive icon, dislike icon, dock bottom icon, dock left icon, dock right icon, dock icon, document approval icon, document icon, double pinyin icon, down shift key icon, down icon, download map icon, download icon, draw icon, driving mode icon, drop icon, duplex landscape one sided icon, duplex landscape two sided long edge mirrored icon, duplex landscape two sided long edge icon, duplex landscape two sided short edge mirrored icon, duplex landscape two sided short edge icon, duplex portrait one sided icon, duplex portrait two sided long edge mirrored icon, duplex portrait two sided long edge icon, duplex portrait two sided short edge mirrored icon, duplex portrait two sided short edge icon, dynamic lock icon, earbud icon, ease of access icon, edit icon, education icon icon, education icon, eject icon, emi icon, emoji swatch icon, emoji tab celebration objects icon, emoji tab favorites icon, emoji tab food plants icon, emoji tab symbols icon, emoji tab text smiles icon, emoji tab transit places icon, end point icon, english punctuation icon, equalizer icon, erase tool icon, error badge 1 icon, error badge 2 icon, error icon, ethernet icon, event icon, expand tile mirrored icon, expand tile icon, exploit protection settings icon, exploit protection icon, explore content single icon, explore content icon, export mirrored icon, export icon, expressive input entry icon, eye gaze icon, eyedropper icon, fast forward icon, favicon 2 icon, favicon icon, favorite list icon, favorite star icon, feedback icon, ferry icon, file explorer icon, filter icon, finger inking icon, fingerprint icon, fit page icon, flag icon, 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mirrored icon, multi select icon, multimedia dmp icon, multimedia dms icon, multimedia dvr icon, multimedia pmp icon, music album icon, music info icon, music note icon, music sharing off icon, music sharing icon, mute icon, my network icon, narrator icon, nearby sharing icon, network adapter icon, network connected checkmark icon, network offline icon, network physical icon, network printer icon, network sharing icon, network tower icon, network icon, new folder icon, new window icon, next icon, noise cancelation off icon, noise cancelation icon, oem icon, open file icon, open folder horizontal icon, open in new window icon, open local icon, open pane mirrored icon, open pane icon, open with icon, orientation icon, other user icon, package icon, page left icon, page margin landscape moderate icon, page margin landscape narrow icon, page margin landscape normal icon, page margin landscape wide icon, page margin portrait moderate icon, page margin portrait narrow icon, page margin 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3d icon, printfax printer file icon, priority icon, private call icon, process icon, processing icon, productivity mode icon, progress ring dots icon, projector icon, protected document icon, protractor icon, provisioning package icon, puzzle icon, qr code icon, quarentined items icon, quick note icon, quiet hours icon, radar icon, read icon, reading list icon, reading mode icon, receipt printer icon, recent icon, record 2 icon, record icon, rectangular clipping icon, red eye icon, redo icon, refresh icon, relationship icon, remembered device icon, reminder icon, remote icon, remove from icon, rename icon, repair icon, repeat all icon, repeat off icon, repeat one icon, replay icon, reply mirrored icon, reply icon, report document icon, report hacked icon, reshare icon, resize mouse large icon, resize mouse medium mirrored icon, resize mouse medium icon, resize mouse small mirrored icon, resize mouse small icon, resize mouse tall mirrored icon, resize mouse tall icon, resize mouse wide icon, resize touch larger icon, resize touch narrower mirrored icon, resize touch narrower icon, resize touch shorter icon, resize touch smaller icon, restart update icon, return key lg icon, return to call icon, return to window icon, rev toggle key icon, reveal password medium icon, rewind icon, right arrow key time icon, ringer silent icon, ringer icon, roaming domestic icon, robot icon, rotate camera icon, rotate map left icon, rotate map right icon, rotate icon, rotation lock icon, rtt logo icon, ruler icon, safe icon, save as icon, save copy icon, save local icon, save icon, scan icon, screen time icon, scroll mode icon, scroll up down icon, sd card icon, search and apps icon, search icon, select all icon, send mirrored icon, send icon, sensor icon, set history status 2 icon, set history status icon, set tile icon, set icon, setlock screen icon, settings battery icon, settings display sound icon, settings icon, share icon, shield icon, shop icon, shopping cart icon, show bcc 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